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Jeppesen 15% Discount Offer to AOPA Members

AOPA/IAOPA organizations work tirelessly around the world to represent, protect and grow general aviation. These efforts often involve advocating for GA within government agencies, participating in public education opportunities, and promoting ongoing training and safety in the flying community.

AOPA also works with its industry partners to secure special discounts and benefits for members. Through a recent agreement with Jeppesen, members can now take advantage of a 15% discount on several of Jeppesen’s most popular chart/data services plus EASA training products. This offer extends to update subscription renewals for existing Jeppesen customers using any of these products as relevant.

Paper Charts
The classic paper Jeppesen Manuals have been trusted around the world by general aviation students through senior international airline pilots for nearly 85 years.

Jeppesen Airway Manual
The Jeppesen Airway Manual provides everything needed to efficiently plan and fly any IFR flight. Every manual is a complete, current and standardized system of charts, procedures and supporting text. Contents are kept current with chart revisions and updates mailed every 7 or14 days (depending on the coverage) providing pilots with the peace of mind that they have the most current IFR information on the market.

Jeppesen VFR Manual
The Jeppesen VFR Manual is the most comprehensive European VFR flight guide covering more than 2,200 airports in 29 countries. Available in various geographical regions, or tailored for individual combinations of countries – along with a 28-day update service or onetime Trip Kit – the Jeppesen Airfield Manual provides unmatched flexibility.

Electronic Charts
Jeppesen pioneered the development of electronic aeronautical charts, and this leadership continues today as pilots and commercial operators move to paperless cockpits.

JeppView opens the door to the world of electronic navigation. It gives pilots the flexibility, convenience and information currency that only digital services can provide — whether flying domestically or internationally, IFR or VFR. JeppView is the ideal tool to search and view charts, create chart Route Packs and print paper backups. It revises every 14 (IFR) and 28 (VFR) days via internet download (DVDs can be mailed for an additional charge), to ensure pilots have the most current and up-to-date navigation information as they prepare for flights.

JeppView MFD
JeppView MFD provides all the functionality of JeppView plus seamlessly integrates Jeppesen electronic charts with front-panel multi-function displays for a complete digital cockpit. Services are available for most modern avionics systems including Garmin, Avidyne, Honeywell, Rockwell Collins and more.

Both JeppView and JeppView MFD allow up to four installations on PCs and mobile devices. This allows pilots to customize how they access their charts are used depending on personal preference – e.g. charts can be printed for backup, with the primary reference being a mobile device running one of many aviation apps, or a mobile device can be a backup to the MFD, or printed charts can be the primary reference with a mobile backup, etc.

Jeppesen electronic IFR and VFR terminal charts, and IFR approach charts and airport diagrams are geo-referenced, which allows general aviation pilots to view their ownship position and flight plan right on the charts.

iPad Apps
Many pilots have adopted iPads as powerful electronic flight bag solutions for both ground and flight operations. Jeppesen offers simple, intuitive iPad apps for both IFR and VFR flying.

Mobile FliteDeck
Mobile FliteDeck is a comprehensive, easy-to-use app based on the highest quality charting and aeronautical data available combined with flight-critical weather information and basic route planning. Intuitive functionality, data filtering, and a clear, uncluttered display maximizes navigation situational awareness that allows IFR pilots to focus on flying the aircraft.

Mobile FliteDeck supports documents, IFR text, terminal charts, enroute data, weather and route planning. Available as a simple single install, Mobile FliteDeck is easy to download, activate and revise via any internet connection.

Mobile FliteDeck VFR
Mobile FliteDeck VFR was engineered by pilots for pilots, specifically for VFR operations. Pilots spend more time flying and less time planning through a single, intuitive tablet interface. Pre-flight planning is quick and easy, and then it provides the data pilots need once airborne.

Mobile FliteDeck VFR seamlessly depicts arrival, approach and landing information. There is no toggling between area maps and airport diagrams. Pilots can see their ownship position during all phases of flight, so they always know their current position.

Jeppesen PilotPak for Garmin G1000 or GTN Series
PilotPaks are data bundles that allow pilots to save money compared to purchasing individual services. Benefits include: one-stop shopping, service, support and a single-data delivery system for all the data updates for a Garmin G1000 or GTN Series configured cockpit. Data services include Jeppesen NavData and charts, Garmin SafeTaxi, obstacles, airport directory and terrain.

Jeppesen have advised that this also includes Navigation database updates for GNS530, 430, 540 and the Avidyne IFD 440. They say "Basically everything is included except for the Pilot Supplies."

Navdata updates are not on the Jeppesen website as at December 2019. Details can be found in this Catalogue.

EASA Training Products
Jeppesen can take pilots as far as they want to go with pilot training, whether just starting out or seeking advanced ratings and/or certification. The comprehensive pilot courseware includes high-quality multimedia training materials that are specifically designed to help pilots master key concepts and information, regardless if they train according to FAA or EASA rules.

EASA courses are available for LAPL(A)/PPL(A), IR, CPL(A), ATPL(A) and more.

Using this Offer

Individual Members

If you are a current AOPA UK member you must have given your consent for third party use of your member number, name and email address to be used for verification of your membership and entitlement for the discount. When you have given this consent, this data will be stored on a database operated by IAOPA Europe and accessible by Jeppesen for verifying your membership when asking for the discount.

If you have not given this consent and wish to make use of this member benefit please email with your member number and we will do the rest. You will be advised when your data has been added to the IAOPA Europe database.

This only applies to AOPA UK members. If you are a member of another National European AOPA you should contact your AOPA to find out how to benefit from this offer.

Corporate Members

If you use any of the listed Jeppesen products or services above, you may take advantage of this offer if you are a current Corporate member of AOPA UK.

You must opt-in for your Corporate Member number, name and email address to be used for verification of your membership and entitlement for the discount. When you opt-in, this data will be stored on a database operated by IAOPA Europe and accessible by Jeppesen for verifying your membership when asking for the discount.

To opt-in as a Corporate member please email with your Corporate Name, a single Contact Name and an email address and we will do the rest. You will be advised when your data has been added to the IAOPA Europe database and your unique Corporate Member number, which must be quoted to Jeppesen to obtain the discount.

How to order

When you have received confirmation that your data has been added to the IAOPA database you can then contact Jeppesen for information about the products and services that you are interested in, including subscription renewals.Please have your AOPA member number to hand.

Please note that the discount is not retrospective.

Jeppesen GmbH: +49 6102 5070
Email :


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